Manufacturing of e-cigarette products

Our extensive experience and technical expertise accumulated from our integrated plastic solutions business have enabled us to expand into the manufacturing of e-cigarette products as an OEM since June 2013.

Manufacturing of Medical Face Mask and Personal Protective Equipment products

In medical sector, our manufacturing capability to provide the international quality standards of medical face mask and PPE . (

Mould Design

Our engineers transform design visions into tangible working and producible solutions. The result is a complete set of technical 3D CAD / CAM drawings showing the information necessary to manufacture a part, a bill of materials and complete assembly information. Our largest CNC machine can handle tooling of the size 3.0 x 1.6 meters at maximum. 95% of tooling are for in-house injection. Another 5% are for direct export.

Plastic Injection

We develop objects ready for production. We take care of tooling, pilot production run, testing and certification. We have a vast network of partners, source parts and suppliers best suitable for your project. We make things easier for our clients who can release their production order to us, while we handle production, packaging and logistics. By using on-site consultancy and oversight supervision, we are able to ensure full quality control. Our injection molding machines can process the clamping force of the mold ranging from 50 to 1,300 tons, and up to 35,000 kilograms of plastic resin daily. All are equipped with resin auto-feeding lines and nitrogen compressors.

Office Automation

Developed and executed the design language and product branding for a complete family of products dedicated to executives and institutional users. The diagram showcase that is one of the most popular multi-functional copier worldwide. The product also shows our delicate workmanship.


Together with our client's in-house design and engineering teams, we develop tooling of all kinds of interior and exterior components for automotive manufacturers, from dashboard, reading lamp, air-conditioning compartment, door frame, spoiler and front bumper.

Office Furniture

Performance work chair which expresses the design language of an international furniture brand, into a highly stylish and ergonomic product. Rather than installing fabric and foam, we add a breathable, woven suspension membrane, seeking to distribute the weight of user evenly, eliminating pressure points and heat buildup.

Home Appliances

We have grown to be specialists in making plastic parts for some of the most popular brands in home appliance. Whatever it is an air-conditioner, a smart TV or a blender, we can now use our experience and expertise to also inspire our customers, who need to find the best partners in order to make the parts fast, at low cost and minimum variance.